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manufacturing service   is particularly attentive to the various technical and economic aspects related to production, which affect the quality and cost of the final product, not always know.
The prototype parts have the function of aesthetic, functional verification and pre-production assembly. They are usually made of low-cost material (eg PA12 SLS).  

Unlike prototype parts, end-use parts can be used directly in the assembly of machinery, equipment and products and are manufactured with materials that guarantee the required quality and performance.
If the part to be built has elements exceeding the maximum vertical angle, in laser sintering DMLS (metals) and FDM (plastics), supports are automatically inserted to "support" the part during construction. These elementr are always inserted at the beginning of manufacturing as a separation from the "plate" of the machine.
Once the construction is complete, must necessarily be removed and this is particularly difficult in the case of complex shapes and metal parts made in DMLS laser sintering.

With Binder Jetting technology (metal) and MJF / SLS (plastic materials), the part is solidified without the aid of construction supports, guaranteeing maximum freedom of shape, quality and considerable economic savings (up to 50%) compared to DMLS / FDM technology.

point FILES
If generated with low resolution, the .stl print file produces a poorly produced part with evident surface facets.
It is necessary to generate, directly from the CAD modeling software, the high resolution print file or transmit the .stp file (.step) to the production that will provide, with dedicated software, the generation and correction to obtain an optimal result with smooth surfaces and without defects.

Cost is a key aspect of the manufacturing process.
The main elements affecting the costs are:
  • choice of in-house or outsourced production
  • identification of the most suitable technology
  • shape optimization
produzione di parti  OUTSOURCING
The entrusting of the production phase outside of its own structure avoids the purchase and management of equipment having in any case guaranteed the final result at defined costs. It is advisable to use this resource when the number of parts to be produced is limited and / or you do not want to make investments that are difficult to repay before the obsolescence of the equipment itself occurs.
produzione di parti RAPID CASTING
The rapid casting consists in the production of metal parts with the metal casting technology with the direct production in 3D printing of the sand mold or the wax "master", without the need for equipment and therefore at lower costs.
It is a solution suitable for the production of few specimens (eg pre-production samples) and / or for parts in metals not used by other technologies.
The manufacture of spare parts no longer produced is a tool for extending the life of a product. If the C.A.D. of the part, we proceed with the manufacture. In case of non-availability of the C.A.D. model, it is made in modeling or in 3D scanning - reverse engineering and the part is manufactured in the required material and quantity.
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