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parts manufacturing manufacturing             customized parts  customize              parts lightening  topology optimization             parts replica  replica              manufacturing materials   materials          industrial supplies    industrial supplies         flyer  GRAFCOCAD. pdf logo pdf
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 grafcocad manufacturing solutions  ABOUT US
parts manufacturing  MANUFACTURING             customized parts  CUSTOMIZE               parts lightening  OPTIMIZE                  parts replica   REPLICA               manufacturing materials   MATERIALS            industrial supplies   INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES          flyer  GRAFCOCAD. pdf logo pdf
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Established in 1996, Grafcocad manufacturing solutions is an industrial services and parts factory for the manufacture of parts,components and supplies. Collaborates with companies of various levels and dimensions,in the mechanical, aerospace, electro-avionics, medical and industrial design sectors, with solutions such as the design and manufacture of parts and assembly components, out-of-production spare parts and industrial supplies of parts and equipment. It uses both traditional production technologies(lost wax / sand casting of metals, CNC machining, injection molding of plastic, ceramic, glass) and innovative (digital manufacturing-3D printing) production technologies, in conjunction with 3D CAD design tools, 3D scanning-reverse engineering, shape optimization (topology optimization).
VAT N# IT01327300099  
C.F. e n# Iscrizione registro imprese  C.C.I.I.A.A. SV  01327300099
R.E.A. SV 136432
Capitale sociale € 50.000 i.v.

registered office, administrative and operational headquarters
Via Maestri del lavoro d'Italia,7 INDUSTRIAL AREA
Ph. +39 019694383  Finale Ligure  Savona  Italy  
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